Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Writing in the park

Two sketches here of this guy I saw writing postcards in the park.

I liked the squareness of the pose, how his head blocks down to make a very solid centre.

He had brought his postcards from one of the small street vendors because they were all in a blue and white striped paper bag, and you only get those from them. He was using it as a flat surface to write on.

And he stayed still long enough to let me draw him again, this time with more shading.

The first few times of drawing anything is a practice run, like in the grand Prix, where you get to go round the course the day before, to get the hang of the curves and straights. Anything I draw I always get a few quick sketches done first, get the mistakes out the way, let your hand and eye work out what it is you are looking at, and looking for. Sometimes the mistakes can teach you more than just getting things right first off. I always tend to under exaggerate the shapes of things - letting your pen say what it wants to, separate of you, is always to be encouraged.

Wonder who got to read the postcards ?

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