Saturday, 12 June 2010

Arms and the Penguin

Just a bit of a page from the sketch book, of this bloke's arms that was going really well, then he got off the train. And, over time, other sketches and notes have taken over the space.

And a little penguin doodle that seemed to need including in the scan.

The writing is something about being 4 inches wide with a 1 foot 1 inch guard rail. Have no idea what the refers to, but was obviously important at some point in time.

Don't know what my doodles mean, and don't want to. Someone once told me they show that I want to go in every direction at once. Arrows going every which way... Sounds about right.


  1. Your sketches are just great. Very nice lines and hatching.

  2. A perfectly normal and understandable juxtaposition. Nothing surreal about it - much. ^_~ I like the way you've focused on the watch - less is definitely more.

  3. Hey, thanks, these have to be the quickest comments I have ever received. I haven't finished posting and you are already in there, dropping by. Excellent.