Saturday, 12 June 2010

184- Blimey !

Over half way through now. No going back.

This couple were on the tube on wednesday, as I was coming back from a location recce. He knew straight away that I was sketching him, even though I tried to cover by sketching someone else at the same time. Then I thought, what the hell, and just carried on with this one. He told his companion and they both smiled, and he took a photo of me. Fair dibs.

They got off at Camden, the destination of choice for all Tourists.

So... now the challenge of doing this is wearing off, I have to decide what purpose this serves. I could carry on just drawing, posting the one's I like here and then be done, but there has to be more to it now. What do I want these drawings to do ? What do I want to learn ?

Has to be something.

Any suggestions ?


  1. Well I've enjoyed browsing through your sketches. It's a great record of your day to day life and "they" say one should practice daily to improve one's skills so I'm sure it is serving a purpose ..... and it makes for great blog footage :-)

  2. Ta for that. We all try don't we. Don't we ?

  3. nice work, good story. like the t-shirt detail