Thursday, 3 June 2010

Drawing without looking

Laure asked about drawing methods yesterday.

So wanted to pop this drawing here as it is one of the very few sketches I have that I think I truly resisted the urge to look and see what the pen was up to. Again it is almost one line, darting about as I traced over the poor guy's face with my eyes. ( Why have I not been arrested yet ? )

And there is a bit of a Fred Flintstone beard shadow going on in there as well, as I used it to get my hand across the gap between mouth and chin. You can follow the line from temple, eyebrow, eye, nose, philtrum, lips, shadow under bottom lip, then, leap out to find chin and up across jaw and up to ear. I obviously cheated and looked briefly to place the second eye.

And the bonus is that sly, and slightly disapproving sideways glance that I doubt would have been there if I had let my judgement step in and alter.

Yabba dabba doooo.


  1. Not sure which I enjoy more... the interesting sketches or the witty, quirky commentary. Two for the price of one!

  2. Even still, I see "Keith" in the work. Your hand is very sure. Even when your eyes are not.

  3. But what does Wilma think?

    I love the way you make everything work in your favour - I only ever come up with a cat's cradle when I try drawing without looking. The bonus is you descibe the journey of your hand across the page. You make me smile!