Wednesday, 2 June 2010

165 - sunglasses.

Two hundred to go !

This guy was enjoying the sun as it streamed in through the train windows, head back against the seat, possibly even asleep, who can tell.

And l was taken with how his sunglasses reflected the fluorescent strip lighting in the carriage. Two kinds of light at once.

Like the solidness of his neck.


  1. Hi Keith - I love your drawings and your sense of humour. More please!

  2. These look as if you're using a bit of contour drawing—do you ever discuss your methods?

    Love your work and your wit—Teresa sent me over. I'll have to thank her for that!

  3. Gillian, Laure, hiya. Love getting new people stopping by. Thank you for your comments. Am coming over to visit your sites.

    I like to let my eye wander over what I am drawing, and let the pen follow on the page, and I try not to look as much as possible, which is always tricky. But I like the honesty of the line you get, even if the drawing ends up way out of proportion or something, I think there is something you get as a trade off, a directness that your eye is always tempted to overcorrect. I do believe you hand knows better than your eye, if you let it.
    Then I add in shading or smaller details that will tell the story, but always trying to be as faithful to the original marks as possible. You can see on drawings how I alter them sometimes, but never remove the original lines.