Sunday, 6 June 2010

A family outing

Came across a family sitting in the sun, halted for a while on a busy shopping day.
First sketched Mum, then Dad...
Then the girlfriend of the Son...
Oh and have one of the Son but forgot to scan it. Will add later.

Ah ! There he is.

There, all together.


  1. They are all staring fixedly ahead ... were they not talking to each other or had something interesting caught their attention??

    Great study - your drawings make me want to know more about this family :o)

  2. They had all just had ice cream ( not from the aforementioned van ) and were, I think, in a mild collective sugar coma.

    They were talking to each other, but in that way you do where the world is more interesting and you just people watch, and what you are all saying is immaterial.

    Which, in my experience is when someone tells you something very, very important, and you don't react properly, and have to spend forever overcompensating for it.

    Now where did I put the Son ?