Wednesday, 2 June 2010

two pencil sketches

Pencil is never my first tool of choice these days, so when it is all I have to play with it always surprises me, both in how versatile it is, but also how unbold it is. ( Is that a word ? Unbold ? ) It always feels like I'm cheating the original impulse. Erasers should have the same value as gold, then we wouldn't be tempted to use them so much. Didn't erase anything here, but did allow myself a smadge of shading by the nose there, to correct it's length. Which makes the drawing kinda odd.

The temptation the fiddle and shade when you have a pencil in your mitt is ever present. The urge to rub one off, a quick, surreptitious finger smudge, when no-one is looking.

This one was a lot less ( I want to say anal, can I say anal here ? )

Hopefully this is pencil visiting it's close cousin pen. Pencil with it's shoes off, having a run before it has to go back to the drawing board.

I don't half write crap at times.

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