Monday, 7 June 2010


A young Asian family sat near me as I was sketching. Mum, Dad and a very small boy and girl. The boy wore Scooby Doo sandals, and the the Dad had a Ganesh keyring. They spoke to each other in quiet tones, then produced the most melted chocolate biscuits imaginable, and shared them out. Soon all fingers were sticky and everywhere. And then the biscuits fell on the pavement. And hands had to be washed, and packets refolded, and it was momentary family chaos.

And the Mum just sat, calm and unconcerned by it all, ordering the others what to do, but hardly moving a hair from her brilliant, complex chignon. ( Ruddy hell, where did that word come from ! )

Now there is a woman who takes the world as it is dealt.

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