Thursday, 3 June 2010

Good mistakes

Just to pick up on a theme that seems current. Mistakes. ( Thanks Theresa )

I am very chuffed with this sketch, but even the most forgiving will admit that it starts off in one scale ( at the back of his skull ) and ends up in a completely different one ( his jacket shoulder ) And the two have no hope of ever meeting.

And does it matter ? I'm not bothered, in fact I am delighted by it. It weights the drawing to the bottom of the page. And your eye more than compensates. It's how we see the world. We look at it bit by bit, the back of the head, the brow, the nose, the chin, the neck, the collar, the shoulder. Who's to say that our perspective never changes along the way. Although we see the world as one, we only focus on it a bit at a time. I'm just doing the same here.

Hmmm. I could maybe write a whole dissertation on the nature and purpose of sight as interpreted by artists.

If I didn't have to go and eat toast.

Right now.


  1. Most interesting to me is that it looks deliberate and without your commentary, I would never have thought otherwise. And that's not to say because you didn't know any better but because of its effectiveness!

  2. Interesting thoughts on your drawing.

  3. Theresa, was going to link across to your site there, but then thought that to link to a page with a link back to mine smacked too much of onanism. And we might all vanish in a vortex of links. A Large Hadron collider of blogging. ( Was there ever a SMALL Hadron collider ? In someone's back yard ? )

    Will do it on another post.

  4. It works .. and works well :o)

    Wish you hadn't mentioned the Large Hadron collider - I've just had a lengthy explanation of exactly what it is and what it does and how it works - from hubby (too much info for a girl) :o)