Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Two from Glasgow train.

From one of the Glasgow trips, on the train.

Wasn't hung over, but had had a few drinks on an empty stomach the day before, and had ended up with what I claim was mildish food poisoning, and was somewhat lost and taking paracetamol to ease the journey. So this sketch comes with a side order of woozy for me. And was reading Douglas Copeland as well, a very fuzzy combination. Like weak winter sunshine on a strip of velcro.

And this was on the train home from Euston station, and he is exactly how I felt, slumped and ready for sleep.

But a great day.


  1. You had a great day, feeling like that? wonderful sketches - I love 'slumped man'.

  2. You draw better hung over than I do stone cold sober ;-)

  3. I wasn't really hung over, honest.

    And I think great was perhaps the wrong word, a 'memorable' day is maybe more appropriate.