Sunday, 20 June 2010

201 - 202 Greenwich

Both of these sketches are connected to Greenwich, though not done at the same time.

This couple were on the Docklands Light Railway one morning, as I was going to Greenwich to work. Don't know if they were together at all.

I have always maintained that London Transport missed a trick when they built the DLR. There was plenty of scope for a 360 degree loop-the-loop or a log flume as it passes out from Canary Wharf and heads off over the docks. And wouldn't that make your working day a whole lot more fun.

These guys were sitting on the steps by the Cutty Sark ( before it burnt down ) on a brilliant summer sunday. Had gone out there to meet some mates, and was sitting on the bench, drawing everyone as they enjoyed the sun. Not particularly good sketches, but a good moment to put out there.

1 comment:

  1. Actually I like the two guys on the steps by the Cutty Sark (haven't heard that name in a while). You really caught their relaxed attitude.

    Loop the loop or log flume? Now that I'd like to see.... can just imagine all those professionals suited up sliding down the log flume :-)