Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Having been inspired by the work of several people who are adding colour and shading to their sketches in Photoshop, thought I would try it out.

Am encouraged by the result. Need to play some more, but definitely something I am going to try again. A bit crude, need to balance the line of the sketch with my temptation to fiddle and fuss in Photoshop.



  1. Qué cuerpo y personalidad adquiere tu trabajo con el color, este me ha agradado mucho por conservar tu estilo armonizando con el color. Lo que inspira y evoca le da un mayor poder a la imagen.

  2. Wow ... the colour takes it to another level I think :o)

  3. Gabriel - great to see you here. Many thanks. Not sure what you have written, but many thanks.

    Sue - Thanks for feedback. I will play with this idea some more, see what happens. See if they are worth posting.