Sunday, 6 June 2010

169- 173 - ice cream desire

It's tough to find somewhere near home to sketch people, very few places where people linger here, everyone always on the go.

But there was an ice cream van parked on the street, and a nearby bench for me ! Ahhh. Let's give it a go.

And a steady stream of small kids, idle teenagers and indulgent adults lined up, albeit for the few, brief moments it took to for the ice cream man to whirrrrr out a looping Mr. Whippey. I got a few more nanoseconds if a Flake was log-flumed in. A scgloop of chocolate sauce = a few more lines on the page !

And so... a little boy, the perfect customer, unsure what to have, but determined to purchase.

And Dads, steering their kids forward, making sure they don't get distracted from their spot in the queue by the infinity of choice, as one hand fishes unconciously in a pocket for change. Momentary heros.

While mums stood to one side, push-jerking sugargiddy toddlers in strollers and feigning disinterest until the first chance to steal a lick.

Such fleeting concentration on such a simple desire. Almost as pure as anything I have seen. No additives here.

I resisted the urge for an ice cream myself, which is probably a very sad thing to admit.

1 comment:

  1. Great sketches... and commentary.

    I would have gone for the ice cream! :-)