Saturday, 19 June 2010

Cello 2 = 198

I have long harboured the desire to get permission to sketch an orchestra at work, in rehearsals kind of thing. I love the shapes musicians make when they play, how instruments alter their posture.

Have snuck some drawing over the years, but never had the courage to actually find and ask any, and the stupid thing is I shared a flat with a girl who worked for the London Sinfonia for a while, so if ever there was a missed opportunity...

This I found the other day and liked that I could post another cello. I sat and listened/sketched a youth orchestra in the Place D'Armes in Luxembourg city a few years ago. It was a sunday, and there was nothing else to do. This was the best of a so so bunch, but liking the cello bit. What's it called, the arm, the neck, the curly thing ?

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