Sunday, 8 August 2010

Supermarket lunches.

Two work mates sitting on the ( somewhat dry and dusty at that time, but by now hopefully rain relieved ) grass in Hanover square one lunch-time. And another plastic fork.

How did we get to be such alfresco grazers ? We roam the great Plains of Sainsburys, we pick our way through the forests of Waitrose, to forage and gather our daily ciabatta.

I know I use my local Tescos like a larder. And go there almost every day to decide what to eat. I would undoubtedly waste away if they closed down. It would take a considerable amount of time, but waste I would. In the end.


  1. I like nothing better than hurling a few spears around the aisles of Tesco's and bringing down a Mammoth steak or two...

  2. The Hunter Gatherer lark isn't what it used to be.