Monday, 16 August 2010

Looks a bit like...

This woman caught my eye, French, or at least can read French as she was idling through a copy of Sante magazine, and had the most voluminous pashmina imaginable, I think everyone on the train could have been wrapped up in it.

She looked a lot like Alex Kingston, or rather, Alex Kingston looks a lot like her. And my sketch isn't doing her justice.

And then she did that staggering thing women do...

...she put on eye make-up in a moving vehicle !

Seriously, I don't know how you can take something that's thin, pointy and covered in gunk within ten feet of your eyes when your world is lurching left and right. I once saw a woman putting eye pencil on whilst driving ! Sharp stabby things and sudden movement around vulnerable sight organs, never a good mix in my head.

I'd take my hat off to ya gals, if I wore one.


  1. you're getting fixated on hats :o)

    Great sketches, particularly the second one and I'm amazed she can put mascara on without pulling a face

  2. Alex Kingston? Yeah, I can see it, but my money would have been on Sue Perkins...

  3. Especially like these, Keith! There is an added....something to both of these. Perhaps your fascination?

    Love the comments on the sharp, stabby things and TOTALLY concur!!!

  4. The makeup... did it help? :-)

  5. great strong lines there. Love them. Will keep visiting for more :)

  6. I really like the second can be tricky to capture the essence of a perfect stranger. I am a woman and I don't like stabby things near my eye while I'm driving! I really value my eyes and wouldn't do that!

  7. Thanks everyone.

    Sue - She was pulling a bit of a face. She kept pursing her lips as she applied the mascara, which made me smile.

    Steve - Can see the Sue Perkins thing, but definitely Alex Kingston, like I said, I didn't draw her well enough. ( But..., last night, BBC2, Sue Perkins AND cake ! You had to have appreciated that. )

    Laure - Not coming across too 'fascinated' I hope.

    Sami - Thanks for stopping by Sami.