Saturday, 14 August 2010


This is a case of mistaken sketchdentity. Liked how this guy's cord jacket rucked up behind him. And this other guy in the next seat obviously thought I was drawing him instead and was all over the place,  checking on me again, and again, trying to see the sketch and being all round weird.  I thought he was going to insist I showed him my book, the way he was almost about to speak, then changed his mind and huffed into another position his seat. Managed to not make eye contact, which would, I think, have been fatal, but took more effort than the drawing did.

He also had the most voluminous carry on bags full of heaven knows what. 

Can you imagine if I had tried to sketch him ? Aside from his fidgetiness making him wildly unsuitable...

And the funny thing is, my real subject seemed completely unaware of both of us, and never even looked at me once. Which, given the piece of extemporary theatre going on either side of him, is astounding.

Ha !

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  1. Oops, got the number wrong, had posted as 254, and then a friend pointed out it should have been 255. So... amended now.

    Told said Friend that makes them my blog secretary now.