Thursday, 26 August 2010

Another yellow moment

Another one of the yellow sketches, but wanted to give this one it's own posting.

When I scan stuff I have to give them labels so I know which one is which, but am starting to run out of options, having already used things like 'glasses' or 'paper reading' or 'on train'. So I give them the first things that comes into my head as the scan loads.

And this one got called 'two weeks'.

Because it reminds me of the disguise Arnold Schwarzenegger wears to get through Mars' customs in the film 'Total Recall'. You know the scene ? Where he is dressed as a woman, with loads of scarves and stuff, and the mask he has on goes wrong, and all he can answer to the guard's questions is "two weeks, twoooo weeeeeks, twwwooo wweeeeks".

( Do the mouth movements with me )

Which, on reflection, is not the most flattering thing to label this poor lady as.