Saturday, 28 August 2010

Music for birds

Soho square.

This guy, in his army green sweater, somewhat full of himself, playing his guitar for, I assume, the pigeons.

He was on the bench just inside the gate on the Charing Cross road side. I did several of him, as he was settled there for a while. And you get to wondering about back story. All the guitar shops are just around the corner, has he just brought it, and is breaking it in ? Or one last tune before he sells it ? Or maybe he has just had it restrung ( my lack of knowledge of guitars painful there, think I am confusing them with tennis racquets ) Or is that pure conjecture, based on my always ferocious desire for narrative ?

The Background Extras in your story are the Undaunted Heroes of theirs.


  1. He looks very earnest. Obviously trying to look cool and woo women.

  2. Steve. Ha yes. With little success.

    And just to say the regularity of your comments is grand.