Saturday, 21 August 2010

261 - 264 YELLOW pages

Have fallen behind, and realised that a catch up post would not only get me back on schedule but would get me to 264, which means tomorrow's post would be...

So, with that as incentive...

Have a tin trunk I got from my Grandfather that I keep 'useful' stuff in, ( and in my job, 'useful' covers just about every piece of crap you can think of ). Was reorganizing it all and found a sketchbook I had forgotten about. 

Somewhat pompously called a Fabriano artist's journal, ( but I won't hold that against it ), the paper is smashing, and in really strong colours, and I must get another one as it was a joy to sketch in.

Oscar Wilde was supposedly holding a copy of The Yellow Book when the Police came to arrest him at the Cadogan Hotel.  As if, in the face of what he knew was to come, and had refused to run away from, he was still going to maintain a certain degree of quality nonchalance. Yellow does that to people, it arms them against storms.

( I know this mainly because I made the copy of The Yellow Book Stephen Fry holds in the film " Wilde" ).

But the scan isn't doing justice to the yellowiness of these pages. It's AA van yellow, kid's drawing sunshine yellow, dribbly boiled egg yolk yellow...

You could cut some soldiers and start dunking.

And if anyone knew about dunking soldiers it was Oscar Wilde.


  1. Sorry, that was a cheap shot, but I had to write it !

  2. The penultimate sketch is pure Christopher Robin... I find myself searching for Pooh Bear.

  3. Ha ! Thanks. But I thought ( from your blog ) that you had had enough of searching for Poo !

  4. I love the second head. It's accurate but still has your loose, contour-like linework.

  5. Ah ! Constance, of the beautiful colour palette.

    Lovely to see you here. A real pleasure. Thanks for your words.