Sunday, 29 August 2010

After sleeping on the ferry...

On the ferry to Dublin a few years ago. Liverpool Football club were playing, but don't ask me who ( someone, somewhere !), and the ferry was full of red shirted supporters, Dads, daughters, mates. Their red bloomed all over the place, spreading out across bagsied window seats, pulsing through the aisles of the duty free, clotting up the edges of the bar. I was on my own, so had all the time to kill, and read, mostly, but did do this sketch of one of them, passed out on a table in the lounge.

Eventually his mates came and roused him, and they all sat arguing penalties and injuries, until we shouldered our way, juddering, into Dublin harbour.


  1. From his pose they must have lost...!

  2. Either its a pose of being passed out through sheer partying or of despair...I guess its how your mood is at the time of observing the drawing...

  3. one of my favourite sketches from your collection. love this blog!

  4. Steve / Lrc -I think it was alcohol more than disappointment he was sleeping off. His mates were still in high good spirits.

    Sitanshu - great that you like it. And like that you call it a collection. Hadn't thought of them like that at all.