Thursday, 12 August 2010

252 - 253, There, And back again.


Thought I would get a load of sketches done yesterday, with five accumulative hours on various trains, but hardly anyone sat near me, and the main train was so shaky that the few I did do have a certain 'look'.

The first one here, was on his phone, telling someone he was running late and that he " can't really find the effort to care anyway". He put his tie on reluctantly as we pulled into Reading, and ( I want to write 'with a sigh' ) got off.

The second was obviously a Lawyer, with TWO cases full of, well, yes, cases. Stacks of folders and pink tape tied bundles. She rattled away on her laptop for the whole journey, and, ( I wasn't eavesdropping so I don't know the context, honest ) rang a friend to chat, and said she was thinking of going dressed as an orangutan. 

Two people moving across the surface of the planet. A to B.

And me, or course.


  1. A lawyer dressed as an orangutan? Blimey, the British Law Courts are a lot less formal than when I was a kid.

  2. Obviously you need to travel 'cattle class' to be sure of finding more 'victims' :o)

  3. Tell me about it. The 'reserved' experience was a rare event, organized by others. I'm usually to be found running alongside the boxcar with my canvas sack.