Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A right 2 bare arms.

The titles are getting a bit desperate now.

Liked this guy's arm, but didn't get it right first time, so the many lines sort of get the wobbliness of that Cardiff train ride last week. Somewhere in there is the right shape. 

Honest Injun !

Never get upset when the first line isn't right, just draw another over it. Sometimes, if you get so the wrong lines annoys you, then you can shade them out, or add a little white over the ones you think wrong, but in my ( sketch)books it's all valid. Sometimes the wrong line helps the right one work. 

I think it takes a while for your eye and hand to 'tune' into what you are drawing. I always use a few sketches to get to know the shapes of a subject, to get a feel for where the line wants to go. You wouldn't expect to drive a new road first time as smoothly as you would the tenth time. Drawing is no different. Too many people sit down to sketch something, get disheartened by what they draw first off, and think the worse. Trust me, no-one draws well the first few sketches, in fact, if they do their work is probably a bit soulless. Drawing isn't about skill ( this is just a byproduct ) it is about seeing and (hopefully) understanding, and deciding what interests you, and having a laugh in the process.

This one was done much quicker, as he wasn't going to hold this pensive pose for long. He moved his hand from his forehead to his chin just as I began, hence the top false start. Like it better than the first, but think the two seen together make a whole. Think I got the arm right first line, which just adds fuel to my theory.