Sunday, 1 August 2010

August - Moon watching

Was lazing in Green Park with a friend, and the moon was already high in the afternoon sky above Whitehall, all transparent and matte paintingy, and we were watching it ( not that it was about to do anything watchable ) and talking rubbish.

And it is always amazing that, when you look up at it like that, that there is essentially nothing between your eyeball and the surface of the Moon at that moment in time. Nothing. Just distance and atmosphere, and someone is now going to tell me all the rest of the stuff that is technically between me and the Moon, and I'll give you a guess how far I would want to throw them...

Big fan of the Moon on The Mighty Boosh too.

Big fan of the Moon all round.


  1. Really like the angle you drew from on this one... adds a lot of interest. Well drawn, too!

  2. Thanks Teresa.

    Not sure about the foot though. Look at that foot. Bit dodgy eh ?