Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Lizard tattoo

A lovely hot day.

This guy had a small lizard tattooed on his shoulder, and it looked like it was basking in the sun. But I didn't spend that much time on drawing it as this was one of those rare sketches where I managed to get the whole pose in. And the line enjoyed the mobile on his belt more. And the bottle of Coke.

His foot is getting a little confused with an aborted sketch of another person. Maybe I should have cleaned it up a bit, oh well.


  1. His lack of foot doesn't detract from a perfectly rendered pose. Bizarre tattoo though. Still I suppose it's better than a psuedo maori design.

  2. Good sketch... reminds me of my youngest son... he has "critter" tattoos on both shoulders. Kids!

  3. I know Tattoos are cool again, but my mind just wanders forward in time to all these 110+ year old people with smudgy sagging teddy bears and ying yang symbols on their bingo wings.

  4. LOL!! But of course, when you're 19 and getting a tattoo, old age and sagging skin never crosses your mind.