Monday, 21 February 2011

Waiting, and wondering.

Is life all waiting ? Waiting for trains to go to work...

waiting for trains to go home again...

waiting to see who the Judges are going to vote off this week...


  1. Noticing that both your 'victims' are armed with backpacks ready to swipe fellow passengers (my pet hate) I did a quick Google search to find out if there are guidelines for backpack usage (there are)!!

    I love this one for kids ..... a few adults would benefit from the advice also!

  2. There is no greater thief of time than waiting.

  3. But to me it's the point of the waiting that is more interesting, one of my kids once asked me if 5 minutes was a long time to wait. I told them it depended on what you were waiting for.

  4. I once waited I think about 30 mins for a ride at Disneyland. It must have been worth it, 'cos we turned around and queued again