Saturday, 29 March 2014


A Canadian college ice hockey team swept onto the train, a tackle of padded bags and youth, blocking all the seats around me with sticks and limbs and maple clear accents, going to, or just having just been to, a match in Oxford.

Their talk was all of the Oxford rink, and the Oxford girls, and the smoothness of both it seemed. But I couldn't quite tell whether their tales were recent victories or anticipated conquests.

Friday, 28 March 2014

you snooze you lose.

This guy was fast asleep on the train home last night.

Despite the fact that the guy sitting next to him was mildly inebriated ( in a good way ) and insisted the rest of us all talk to each other, because 'that is how friendly they are up in Scotland'.  He said we should all tell each other what we had been up to. I told him about the play I had just been to see. He said he was going to take his flat mate... and then no one said anything more. 

Maybe this guy was just feigning sleep to get out of 'sharing'.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

I will not draw you if you keep on like that.

Sat opposite a woman who kept pestering me to see what I was drawing. Let's see then, let's see. Show me. Go on. Show me. I want to see what you are drawing. Do you do that all the time ?

Her travelling companion just smiled balefully at me, resigned to her determination.

And she so clearly wanted me to draw her.

So I didn't.

I drew this guy instead.


I justified it to myself that she would have been to conscious of me and I don't like that. Plus she would have probably ripped me to pieces if it hadn't been any good.

Does that make me a mean person ?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Another iPad image

Blimey, been busy and not posted much this month. But have quite a few sketches to post.

Took the iPad out for another go yesterday. Still not happy with what I am doing on it but, early days.

I like how, when you type iPad, it automatically capitalises the P. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Got around to taking my i pad out instead of a sketch book.

Got a new stylus pen at the weekend, so seemed a good impetus to give it a go.

Still finding brushes settings I am happy with, but seem to be feeling at home with a few already.

Anyway, here is one of the first foray.

Not quite Hockney. 

Will experiment some more, but liking it so far.