Sunday, 31 October 2010

2 profiles. 334 - 335

This woman knew I was drawing her and gave me a suspicious look which I had to include. Only the English can look at you like that.

And every time I look at this one she has demanded to be posted, but there never seemed the right time, until today.

And this guy just looks to intense for words. I would either love to have a conversation with him, or be looking for an excuse to leave almost immediately.

And that brings me to 335. So, now the last month, the last 30 sketches.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Airport people - for a change 329 - 333

Went to pick up my (current) boss from Luxembourg Airport, and her flight was delayed, and I had my note book with me, hurrah !!!

So caught some fresh fish.

This woman's track suit top was lime green, a brilliant colour. She knew someone else who was waiting to meet a flight, and they chatted as they stood together, until their 'people' came in.

Then one of the guys from the other film turned up to pick someone up too, so I had someone to talk with, and, if only for a moment, looked like I belonged there, like the lime green lady.

Then there was this bloke.

Who had a bunch of flowers wrapped in orange cellophane. He paced around a while, then sat and sent SMS's. Meeting a lover perhaps ? Was intrigued.  He decided to take the cellophane off, and shoved it, crunching, in a bin, then stood watching the doors. And there was a small toy Witch nestled in amongst the blood orange gerberas and palm leaves.

A woman came through, steering a trolley solid with suitcases, and a little blonde girl perched atop. He met them quietly, a kiss and the girl, clearly his daughter, added the flowers to the pile. A man who brings flowers to meet his wife and daughter at the airport. There is a whole world in that.

Give him his dues.

There is a brilliant temporary anxiety both sides of doors like these, for the passengers, that doubt that, having left the earth's security, you might never be relocated back on it. Will there be someone to meet me ? Will my spot of gravity still be there ?

For the waiters, the worry of missing the person you have come for, the worry of who they will be ? If it is a stranger, will they see your company board, will they want to ride upfront and chatty, or in the back, and sullen ? 

If it is family, or friends, or significant others, how will this time away have changed them ? Time spent without you ?

Airports are where you can see the gaps the world opens in us.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Ah yes...

This one has been in the sketchbook on my website since the beginning of the year, so about time I posted her here as well, to unite the two tentative branches of my flimsy web presence.

Rescaled her hair when I had drawn the face, as it didn't quite fit as I had it. And neither line is right, but her hair exists somewhere between the two.

Like it when you can see the working process like that.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Guys will always make passes... x2 girls who wear glasses.

Monday, 25 October 2010


I might have to break a rule, and start posting sketches of those I am working with, as I don't see anyone else at the moment and my stock is running low. Will have to see how that will work. Do I need written consent ? Subject approval ?

A special license ?

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Nothing to do but...

Almost caricature - 322

Drawing not very strong, so, almost unthinking ( if that is possible ) gave it a quick watercolour wash.

And the result reminds me of the old Spitting image puppets.

Not sure..

Vinegar and...

Brown paper.

I can never resist a Boxer's/Roman profile. Always amazes me. 
Blunt bruiser/noble genes, take your pick.

If their names were Jack and Jill that wold be too... wishful.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

SMS 319

That is what text messaging is called here. SMS.

Du must SMS mit deine handi.

Or so I'm told.

Friday, 22 October 2010


Arriving at the studio this morning, in the dark and in thick freezing fog, ( the kind that actually swirls ) I am the only person in the whole place, and it occurs to me that this is the perfect setting for a horror film. All I need is Una O'conner to answer the door, in traditional dress.

She doesn't.

No one to sketch, just me. Seulement. So I am leaving this one empty. Dark. People-less. To reflect the moment. Later there will be phones and vans and photocopiers. Hopefully.

But, for now, the silence is like velvet.

2 scarves 317 - 318

For to keep out the cold.

Oh no.

I've been unfollowed. Don't know how to take it.

Haven't been posting enough, paying you all enough attention.

Sorry. Work, work, work. Silly hours, strange places.

See, even my sketches are full of work notes and measurements !


Cold this morning, had to scrap ice from the car ( in the dark ) before I could drive into work. And clocks going back, it's all too much.

But.. I finally get to say it...

Winter draws on.

Very wise dear, very wise.

Monday, 18 October 2010

End of the day.

Sometimes the shading just seems to work. This one has gone tighter than I usually draw. 

Just discussing the issues and pitfalls of hiring people who, it turns out, can't touch chickens !

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Almost abstract, this one. And for some reason it scanned with a very fetching border.

This was one of the very first I scanned when I decided to do this, and don't know how it has taken almost a year for it to get here. 

Trafalgar steps. x 2

Liked this young Mum sorting her child, brushing crumbs and bits of half eaten biscuits out onto the pavement for the eager pigeons. But with that tender vigour only mother's seem to manage.

Then spotted this girl sitting on the steps from the National Gallery, and her combat pants caught my eye, something about the pockets.

Up for any adventure, the new battle of Trafalgar. 

Saturday, 16 October 2010

You've either got it or you haven't - 310

And the majority of the good citizens of Luxembourg city have. There is a sort of adopted French style eased by an obviously comfortable level of living that give the city and it's folk a certain 'veneer'...

...that I can only aspire to.

( I can, however, give them a run for their money on the 'eating French chocolate' stakes )

Beards 306 - 309

For want of a theme to unite a few sketches together, I hereby present three gentlemen of the hirsute variety.....

They do define the jaw line very helpfully.

Hmm, he looks a little miffed at something.

... and one guy  well on his way to joining them !

And they are all facing the same way. Hadn't thought about this before. Do I favour drawing someone from one side rather than the other ? Will investigate more.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Another quick post

Because I have been staring at figures so long my eyes are thinking of quitting for a better head.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

what number am I up to ?

Not the most flattering of sketches, but I like it's looseness.

The sketch, not the subject..., would never want to cast any aspersions about her moral fibre, or standing in the community.

Paris will always have us.

Silly little sketch from ages ago, but one that brings so much back to me instantly. And as I am within hearing distance of spoken French it is very suitable.

We were staying in a tiny hotel behind Gallerie Lafayette, and in the morning the staff used to gather to go in for work.

And one morning I sketched these two.

Love his nonchalant slouch.

Where did the time go ? 3 profiles ( and sketch 300 as well )

Back, after a fashion. In another country, and somewhat blurry at the edges, but need to catch up here before I loose it too much.

So no real linking theme to these three beyond that they are all profile(ish)

And all three, funnily, I cannot remember anything about.

This last one was done in pencil, and a very blunt soft pencil to.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Traveling 2gether ?

These two sat quietly side by side as the DLR rattled through the tunnel on one of the Greenwich runs from back when. Not even sure if they knew each other, but stuck together now.  Like the line weight, finer than usual. Was using a ball point pen.

Friday, 1 October 2010

A few seconds to spare

Can't see to do any work as they are rehearsing with the lights off ( !!! ) So grabbing some time to jump online, as I would hate to miss the first day of the month.

Like this woman's coy smile. Don't often get to really catch a smile, or any kind of animation, so always chuffed when I do.

One of the guy's in the office has just 'fessed up to being a trifleholic. Just sharing that one for want of anything else to write.