Sunday, 20 February 2011

Slow, quick, quicker.

Said I'd do the multiple sketches taking less time thing again. Really like what happens.

So, bloke reading his newspaper, minding his own business.

Then give myself just a minute or two to draw him again, the goal to be ask quick and unjudgmental as possible.

Then, as he wasn't going anywhere, and was blissfully unaware of me still. I thought, " all of him, why not try all of him..." ( yes, I am singing this )


  1. The three put together really give you a feel for the man.

  2. Interesting to see which bits you 'ditch' in the quicker studies ... instant shave :o)

    Great sketches

  3. I am now always slightly suspicious of pepople on public transport who look like they're scribbling...:-)

  4. And I'm not above a bit of head squashing either. You don't need all your cranium Sir, allow me !

    And whilst I get everywhere, relax. If I do ever make it your way I'll make sure it' a good experience for you.