Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Player of Games

Sat opposite this guy intent of a game on his i-phone.

He was so still, apart from the blur of his thumbs, that I drew him several times.

And each time, as my hand got used to the shapes, the sketches got quicker, and looser.

Ha ! 

Very pleased with the swiftness of the profile line in the last one.


  1. Total immersion and concentration. From you both.

  2. yah...I like seeing the progression of the sketches! I love the first and last ones!

  3. Gamers are ace subjects, as they can hold the same expression for hours and barely move...got good mileage out of them in my student days.

  4. I am always amazed by how fast my daughter can text so I guess it's the same blurry behaviour for games. Very clever drawings tho'.

  5. Am going to do more of this.

    Sam - loving the link. Ta.

    Never underestimate opposable thumbs eh ?