Thursday, 3 February 2011

Back to the sketches

Have been allowing this blog to wander a bit, spent a year keeping it on the straight sketching, think the last few side jaunts I have posted are allowable. But, back to task, back to the backbone of this...

Sketched these two at two different times, and in very different styles. But like that they seem to have a connection, on the page like this. As though there is more distance between them than just spatial.

I know, no colour. Colour is defeating me somewhat.


  1. I love the loose fluidity of the guy's face... to me it gives him far more of an emotional life than the slightly scowling woman.

  2. I feel that those two might be in a dispute of some kind...


  3. I know. But I can't decide if he is A storing up massive grudges for his own late night delectation or B if he kind of fancies her, but her stern demeanor makes him unsure of the next step.

    Hang on. Aren't they one and the same ?