Friday, 18 February 2011

Three's a crowd

Three girls jumped on the train, on their way to college. Two were sharing the headphones of an i-pod between them. Although they didn't need to, it was loud enough to know it was Rihanna's 'what's my name', even from where I was sitting. In between verses they were dissecting her performance on the Brit Awards.

The third girl stood quietly next to them, listening, but not taking part.

Then one of the plugged in girls reached out, just her finger tips, very lightly, on the third girl's coat sleeve.

"Are you okay ? " she asked, " you look a bit sad."


  1. So teenagers can empathise with other human beings. That's a relief to know.

  2. I had to make a rare journey to London today (by train) for a meeting at Westminster (UK Coloured Pencil Society exhibition meeting).

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was much less 'noise pollution' from personal music players etc than when I used to commute regularly to work years ago. It seems most of those irritating bits of equipment have been replaced by quieter technology (or was I just lucky today)?

    Great observation as usual Keith

  3. Steve - you'd better believe it, this is the generation that will be wiping our arses when we are crumbly 100 year old wrecks.

    Sue - If I had known I would have tracked you down, and sketched you. Or is that stalking ? I do get the two mixed up.

  4. I'll give you advance warning of the next meeting. 90 minutes on the Whitstable to Victoria train :o)