Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mother's day.

It was Mother's day on sunday, and I missed the actual day to post ( as I was a good son and went to see her ) but not the sketch number, so here is a quick drawing of my lovely Mum, sneakily grabbed as she dozed on sunday evening.
The word search was the only clearish piece of paper I had to hand. Like the way the box contains the background shading, might use this again.
Mum always knows when I am sketching, she isn't easy to catch unawares. Dad is a doddle, have loads of him, he can be guaranteed to nod off most evenings.

The word search was for Australian animals. I can see wombat and kangaroo.


  1. very nice, and cool that you just used whatever paper you had at hand.

  2. Thanks for your nice comment. And welcome here.

    And you know what the silly thing was... After I had done it I realised my sketch book was next to me all along, so could have used that in the first place. But Mum had woken up by then !!!

    Doh !