Tuesday, 16 March 2010

105 - Check please !

Another drawing that emphasizes the brilliant way that patterns on clothes can tell the story.
There is almost nothing here that is specifically a person, but the wide check on the coat does all the work for me.

There is always two very specific phases to sketching people in the UK. The winter 'bloody hell it's nippy, let's wear every single stitch of clothing we own so we waddle around like the Michelin man' look, and then, almost overnight, the summer 'bloody hell it's hot, lets go out in as little as we can legally get away with without scaring the proverbial horses' look. ( The perennial exception here being Newcastle girls out on the razz. - two strips of Lycra and a bit of lippy and they're ready whatever the weather ! )
So you get used to drawing bulky coats and hooded tops, like this, and have to guess at the person underneath. Like a Leonardo anatomical study, working out where the bones are in all those layers.
But the good weather is on it's way, everything can feel it. Soon be time to store the cardigans and coats.

What's the opposite of the old 'winter draws on' gag ? Is there one ?

All this from someone who looks doesn't need clothes to look like the Michelin man.
( And there's a mental image you could have done without !!! )

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