Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Quick sketch

Have noticed other people like to include details about the medium they prefer to use, paper weight, pen type... I wish I could be so precise.
At the moment I am using some cheap old ball point pens that were left over from a job last year, they were about £1 for a bag of twenty, so I am well set for the present time.
But I am fairly fetishist about my sketch books, I find one I like and stock up. I used to love the small note books the National gallery used to sell, but they stopped having them, the ones they have now are too shiny, the paper is all white and slippery, euch. Am currently very happy using the Daler Cachet books you can get from Cass Arts.
( I love Cass Arts )

For the record, Moleskines terrify me.


  1. Hi Keith,

    So glad you stopped by my blog.... so I found yours! Have thoroughly enjoyed your sketches and your pithy sense of humor ("humour" to you :-). Even like your blog title! Got a kick out of that.

  2. Oh, one more thing... I bought a Moleskine a few months ago... and it sits unused on a shelf. They ARE scary!

  3. Hey ! The Ice storm lady. Welcome over here.

    Thanks for your comments, and for the u in humour. Gald you get the title too.

    Moleskines, it's that whole 'as used by Hemingway' that elevates them to the unsoilable. We are not worthy.

  4. Glad, not gald !!!! Dyslexic fingers.