Saturday, 20 March 2010


On the train into town yesterday ( to take a friend to see the birds on guitars at the Barbican ) so the perfect time to grab a few new drawings.
Sat opposite this guy, liked how his shaved head and fur lined hood made him almost Monk like.
He was, I assume, a web site designer, because he was suggesting ways to format a drop down menu on fragrance types, " you could have resins, florals, sandalwood, maybe alphabetical. I've had an idea. Are you there ? Are you there ? " as we dropped down into a tunnel and he lost the signal.
Caught his mouth open, talking, which I always find tricky.
And loved the retro fur edged coat hood. He had every texture going on.

Sorry about the page spine getting dark down the middle. Didn't press the book flat when I was scanning. Was eating a cheese sandwich instead.


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