Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fax facts track back.

Now this is a bit of a memory excavation. Was at work, standing at my drawing board, and this guy came in to use the fax machine, ( and this isn't all that long ago, and only serves to highlight how the e-mail has conquered all ) I liked his sun glasses pushed back on his head, so snuck a quick sketch.
He was with the effects crew, and I am pretty certain he was organizing the snow for later on, but I may be wrong on that.
This is one of those drawings that brings back every element of the moment. Where I was standing, the room we were in, what we were all doing - the exact moment.
I had worked in this room twice before, which warrants note. Once marking out floor plans when it was serving as the rehearsal room on a Police drama, and once painting an 8ft high model of the Elephant God Ganesh, whilst stuffing myself sick with product placement crisps.

Happy days.

The snow by the way, was brilliant. It looked so real, even though you knew it wasn't.

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