Sunday, 20 December 2009

Cold train day

Yesterday was seriously cold - for London ( the rest of the Northern Hemisphere sniggers under their thermals ) but it was the most brilliant morning. Was up early to meet a friend, and there was hardly anyone else around, except some Magpies, harassing a crow. And the sun was rising over the houses and...
But that is getting too much like the blog I DO NOT want to write.
So, on the train, this guy....

And he knew I was drawing him, but didn't seem to mind. Very few people are aware, it's that whole invisible thing. And only once has someone objected and moved away to sit somewhere else. She didn't need to, I would have apologized and stopped straight away. So I trust he didn't mind, I half expected him to ask to see, but again, people very rarely do. In fact I can only think of two ever. I'll dig them out and post them eventually.
Of course other people not being sketched, those around you, try and see all the time, like the invisibility only works in one direction. And are always only to keen to comment. Sometimes you could strangle them. Pointing and shouting to the subject, " You know he's drawing you !? " which is usually the end of it, because both they, and I end up so self conscious nothing good is going to happen.
But not this time.
I liked the flatness of his hair.
Again that whole back of the head thing happens. I know it should be much further back, yet it still works for me, like your eye shifts to compensate as you look at it, and the sketch still holds together. Emphasizes the squareness his hair gave his head.

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