Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sketch 3

This is the kind of sketch I enjoy doing, when you simply draw a continuous line around the page, following the subject with your eyes as you do so, and trying to catch as much as possible with as few lines.
This sketch is from a few years back, it was a hot summer morning on the Docklands light railway, heading towards Greenwich. ( I was working there at the time. ) I think I can even be accurate enough to say it was draw between Limehouse and West India Quay stations. I can still see the guy leaning on the seat division by the door as the light passed behind him. Sketch books are great for that, they can capture the whole moment of drawing in your memory, not just the subject, but where you were, how you felt, the weather, the light...
Elbows are brilliant things to draw. There is such a specific curve and weight to them, that swell of forearm muscle leading up to the dual points made by the head of the humerus. Very satisfying.

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