Thursday, 31 December 2009

Last New Years Eve, sketch 31

Been saving this one for today.
From last New Years Eve. Had been into town with a friend - fireworks, alcohol, mad people. The usual.
But missed the last train home, and had to grab the Underground and see how far I could get. Made it to Edgeware station. And this guy was slumped, fast asleep on the seat in front of me, and, it being, by now, January the 1st, I sketched and labeled him as a map point in my world, for future reference. The train came to the end of the line and he didn't wake up. As far as I know he could still be riding around, even now.
Like the crumpledness of his pose, and the drawing.
Had to walk the rest of the distance as there were no buses going my way, but did get to see a Deer. Which, in reflection, sums up the whole past year. Always got to where I wanted to go, even if I had to walk some of it, and the surprises, though always pleasant, tended to be small and skittish.
So, first month done. 31 sketches posted.
If this was a trial run I have enjoyed it. But it isn't going to be easy. 334 still to go, and I am already struggling for something to say. It will have to coalesce into something with proper direction if it is to survive.

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