Thursday, 31 December 2009

Listen to me.

So if my sketch book is protection, protection against what ? Is it armour, like a shield held up against the hoards ? Or is it like a trick, something you do to distract them from looking closer, seeing the wires ?
I do think it is an easy disguise, you offer up this label, and then you're sorted, you have your place in the scheme of things, and no one bothers any further. And you kind of steal the universal position of all artists for yourself, that assumed palette of social oddness and slightly valued skill.
And that is where the protection is.
I called this one 'listen to me' when I was scanning it, as these two girls were intent on a conversation on the tube when I drew them, and the one in the hat was trying to get her point across, about another friend who hadn't done what she thought she should have.
Seemed to suit my own polemic here.

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