Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Day at the museum

Anther day, another museum, ( not that I want you to think I spend all my time loitering in the nation's cultural institutions ) The V & A this time, and another group of students, sketching. Did several drawings of the students, intent on their own work, but this one is of one of their tutors, who sat and talked them through what they were doing.
He had a thick black coat on, the collar pulled up around his ears. The gallery wasn't warm by any respects, but I think it was more a style issue here.
I had a tutor once who told me that you should always think about what you want to achieve with a drawing before you start it. I gave it a lot of thought at the time, but I have never been that deep. If anything at all I draw to record, to see, but beyond that... Is it okay to say I draw for the FUN of it, for the sheer pleasure of seeing how a line turns out.

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