Monday, 19 July 2010

Tube people

This guy was oblivious to me, which was good, lost in his own thoughts on the way home on tuesday. 

But next to me was a group of three Australians, one who obviously lived here, a girl who sort of was his significant other, but not totally, and another guy who was a brother to one of them, over for a visit. They were laughing about how dodgy the place where the brother was staying was, and he jokingly blamed the first guy for this.

"Oh my God, you should see it."

Then, as they had been half watching me as I finished, the brother said, "draw him", pointing to the first guy.

"No don't," the girl immediately interjected, " he'd only break your paper. "

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  1. hehehe I've written down conversations and also sketched people on buses and some are hilarious captures and some are just sad. Bus or tube people can be great to draw...