Sunday, 4 July 2010


And then, you know Julie, who works for the council, never wears green, says it washes her out too much ? Well she had to get on her hands and knees and clear her drain out with a coat hanger because Rita's husband forgot it was thursday and left the wash'n'vac at the hospice. And I told her she should have made more sandwiches, because it's obvious the Rector isn't really a quichey person. You only have to look at him.

She's having a naked fondu party next week. I said I'd go, sit at the back. But I hope she doesn't expect me to dunk anything. I've never been that keen on communal finger food. Not since my Mother died.

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  1. hermoso dibujo!
    estaria bueno que pusieras un traductor en tu blog para poder leer mejor los textos... because my english is not so good! JAJAJ

    saludos, nos vemos pronto