Sunday, 25 July 2010


Went to the Proms last night. In front of me was a young boy with his Dad. They both wore plaid shirts. He jammed his thumbs in his ears when the music got too loud for him, and I thought he wouldn't last the night. But I was wrong, he was still clapping as enthusiastically at the end as everyone else, and even stood for the ovation.

One of the pieces was Holst's 'Mars', and it got me to thinking. I have never owned a recording of it, or heard it performed live before, yet I knew every bit of it. Can you imagine creating something that goes out and becomes so ubiquitous that it becomes part of everyone like that. You instinctively know it. How it goes, what it means. To give the world just one amazing thing.

That would be a goal worth having, wouldn't it.


  1. great sketches! i like the fact that your drawings tell stories

  2. Ha, always a pleasure to see people stop by. Thanks for your comment Tom. I knew these two would be here as soon as he put his thumbs in his ears. There was my story for the day