Wednesday, 21 July 2010


This lady had staked her claim to a pair of end seats on the tube by using her shopping trolley to block anyone sitting next to her. And more power to her elbow for it. Life is challenging enough without having to squeeze next to sweaty businessmen at the end of the day.

Regal, that's what I call it, Regal. With a capital R.

( An aside - the title 234 instantly reminds me of a choreographer on a job years ago, with the most grating voice, who had been given (very unwisely) a megaphone and screamed at the start of every rehearsal "234 !". I can never hear "I only want to be with you" without hearing" 234 !" shouting in my head. )


  1. thanks for the visit keith- I'm enjoying these sketches of yours- well done!

  2. NIce drawing - also I got a kick out of your commemorative statue answer in your profile -

  3. Hey, great you stopped by. Thanks for comments. Hope you swing by again.