Thursday, 15 July 2010

Clothes maketh the man... 227 - 228

This guy was on the platform at Westbourne Park, and is, as my mate would say, "2 cool 4 skool". He must have had planning permission for his hair, it was so high. Brilliant. He spent the whole time rummaging for, and then repeatedly applying, lip balm.

His ensemble was let down just a tadge by carrying a bag not unlike the one my Nan uses for her shopping. In grey. But then again, maybe my Nan is a new wave style icon these days. I wouldn't put it past her.

Then, from the other end of the spectrum, sat next to this old guy in full suit and black fedora. He was reading and reciting Hebrew, and was very enclosed in his own thoughts. 

The hat was a nightmare to draw. Sort of chickened out of it in this one. Was with some relief I managed enough to explain it, without having to address the whole shape of it.

When you look at old photos everyone wore hats, every day, everywhere. Why did we stop ? ( And no, baseball caps don't count, you know my views on them ).


  1. The top guy looks like Prince (excuse me, "the artist formerly known as Prince". Whatever). The second guy does indeed look like a Hebrew scholar deep in his scholarly thoughts.

    Great job on both Keith... you have a real knack for capturing the essence of the person with that handy little pencil of yours.

  2. That Prince bloke ! Can't keep him off the Hammersmith and City line. Pink is his favorite colour.

    Or was that Steven Tyler ?

  3. Your hat wearing (or not) comment drove me to Google the question Keith.
    Looked at a couple of discussions forums and most popular answers were:

    JFK went hatless and started the trend (possibly due to his thick head of hair)

    Men used to walk a lot more and hats reduced heat loss in winter and kept sun out of eyes in Summer. The increase in car ownership also made hat wearing and getting in and out/driving etc more precarious.

    The blurring of the social class structure. In the early 20th century The working class wore soft peaked caps, the blue collar workers/office clerks the trilby, senior officials/foremen etc a bowler hat and at the top of the social scale, a top hat.

    I guess its a mixture of all these things. But the common thread on these forums was that people believe hats on men is very sexy! So start a campaign maybe :o)

  4. Wow Sue. You learned me something ! I like the idea that the car is responsible. Makes perfect sense.

    I take my hat off to you !