Friday, 9 July 2010

Holland Park

Not a brilliant drawing, but the memory cache that comes with it is fantastic. It was a late August sunday a few years back. I was coming to the end of a job and had that tired dizziness that you can almost relax into and enjoy, knowing the tough stuff is all done. It was a gorgeous day, a full blowzy sun had stirred the dust and breath of London into a haze that even Seurat would have struggled to pin point. Found a spot above the bank that slips down into the rose garden in Holland park, and sketched folks as drugged by the high, open air as me.

You know when light is just there... that was this day. Mazy path with insects, slowing the people, burning out the rose bush leaves. None of that in the sketch really, but all still buzzing in my head, and my eyes and the roses.

1 comment:

  1. The sketch is great... as are the memories attached to it... and described very eloquently too.