Tuesday, 27 July 2010

3 lots of Kippers

Never sleep on a train in front of me. You might as well have a label DRAW ME.

And I'm going to, you can bet on that,


  1. Or if you must fall asleep in front of Keith, keep your mouth shut tight ... nothing worse than being sketched slack mouthed and dribbling :o)

  2. Hmmm... I shall keep that in mind should I find myself seated near an artist with his quick draw pencil at the ready!

    You did a great job capturing your unsuspecting victims.

  3. hehe I know! you are a sitting duck and you will be immortalized drool and all! sleeping people are great that way.

  4. Got a comment on this posting via e-mail this morning, and liked it so much am posting it by power of Attorney.

    So... Diana said...

    How about the sleeping people that look dead!
    They don't all do, for some reason. But some look like their killer just
    sat them down and left them there...just waiting to be discovered.

    Do some dead people!! Then we can all see dead people!!!!!!! (couldn't
    resist that)

  5. the first picture like Yuriy Shevchuk - front man our russian group DDT))