Monday, 12 July 2010

Mother and ( not ) Daughter

On the train going into town on a saturday. Two mums and their kids, on a day out.

The little girl was the daughter of the other mum, but was sitting on her auntie's lap, ( favoritism, or just taking advantage of the opportunity ? ) reading from the day's itinerary downloaded from the internet and printed out on A4. The jolting of the train made her keep slipping off, and the aunt would haul her back up in position whilst she continued her conversation with the other mum almost uninterrupted.

Not a particularly good sketch, shading way too fussy, proportion a bit off, and girl's face seriously too old... but like the two together, and the weight of the little girl.

Oh, and the curve on the aunt's t-shirt sleeve. Really like that.


  1. Bellisimo!!
    Son alucinantes los detalles

    Saludos, nos vemos

  2. hahah i like reading your critiques of your own work, i'm the exact same way!

    &i think i'll do a blog post on behalf of your "what's with the rabbits" question! lol
    i'm a long time collector and lover of alice in wonderland books, i have a whole shelf of wonderland books i've acquired since i was 4 years old. some i bought new, some from the thrift store, some beautiful, some so bad it's hilarious, but all in all they are always my go to for inspiration when i am at a loss, which is really too often. so the rabbits are all a minor representation of the white rabbit. lol

  3. I like the sense of weight too...children's faces are tricky, one extra line and they look too old sometimes. On the other hand, the girl could be a mini guru dispensing advice propped up by her friend...thanks for the comment on my pieces!

  4. Muy linda imagen... siempre me gusta el trazo del lapiz...

    Very pretty image, always I like the outline of the pencil…

    thanks for your commentaries...

    Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

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  5. I like this very much, the poses seem so comfortably natural.

  6. I like the pose you captured... the way the aunt is holding the little girl conveys that maternal instinct most women feel when they hold a child... no matter who the child belongs to.

  7. Glad everyone stopped by, always many thanks for comments.

    Sorry about the rabbit jibe Kristina, was meant in best way. Inspiration is grand in every form.

    Lrc - I could seriously do with a mini guru.